of Norway



The village of Dale is nestled between beautiful steep mountains, waterfalls and fjords on the west coast of Norway. In 1879, the historic textile factory was established in this valley with easy access to wool, strong knitting traditions, and a great supply of natural power from the local waterfalls. Since then, Dale of Norway has developed stunning designs in premium qualities that are well-known worldwide.

From raw wool to finished products, Dale of Norway’s knitwear has been fine-tuned with 130 years of experience. Many of the company’s skilled employees have worked at the factory most of their lives, going back several generations. This unique competence is priceless for the Dale of Norway. The experienced team has developed beautiful designs with long-lasting, comfortable - and even Weatherproof qualities.

Dale of Norway is a leading innovator of new wool and yarn qualities. All of our knitwear is made with 100% premium and eco-friendly wool. The collection is designed with different types of wool, ranging from the strong Norwegian wool, ideal for durable mid- and outerlayer knitwear, to extra-fine skinsoft Merino. With unique knitting techniques, the results are garments with exceptional long-lasting qualities.

Due to the cold winters, Norway has a long tradition for wool and knitwear. The beautiful traditional patterns have mostly been inspired by nature or history. Over the past 130 years, Dale of Norway has developed its own famous designs, and redesigned age-old Norwegian patterns, turning them into garments for fashion and sport with an authentic story.

Since 1956, Dale of Norway has been outfitting the national Norwegian ski team with official sweaters for all Winter Olympic Games and World Championships. Dale of Norway was later chosen to design the official sweaters for the Winter Olympic Games through the International Olympic Committee (IOC), with the rights to use the Olympic rings. This made the Dale of Norway brand world famous.

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