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Marina Banović, BA in Designing (Design School, Belgrade), was born in 1974 in Podgorica where she still lives and works. Her designs, based on Montenegrin tradition, have been presented in the country and abroad, at ALTA ROMA (Italy), Fashion Week Miami (USA)... As an associate of the National Olympic Committee, she collaborates on promoting the Montenegrin Olympic Team (Beijing, London). Marina works as a professor at the College of Design, as well as a collaborator at the Faculty of Design in Podgorica.

A Night More Precious than a Century

Inspired by Petar II Petrović Njegoš’s anthological poem, the collection is made of silk organdy, muslin, satin and wool, embroidered with sterling silver. The ornaments from traditional costumes of the orthodox Motenegrin women, were hand made by craftsmen, tailors from the Rakočević family. The outfits are complemented with coats in which the bodices, a detail of muslim women’s costumes from the days of yore were imbeded. A Night More Precious than a Century, its white colour in brightest tones, depicts a fairy under the moonlight...

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