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Since 1999, when she launched her first collection inspired by the traditional Romanian folk costume, Valentina Vidrașcu has gone on to reverently create pieces on which the national garb and its symbols are applied front and center, thus giving a new identity to items such as the ia (embroidered peasant shirt), catrința (homespun skirt), the traditional vest, or the girdle. In their elaborate weave, Valentina Vidrașcu’s creations blend technique and rigor with respect for the value of the traditional costume.

„The ia was created and perfected for centuries on end by the artistic sense of the Romanian peasant woman. I wish every Romanian woman had one in her wardrobe, not only as a way to adhere to the Romanian tradition and national space, but also as an element of authenticity and originality in the contemporary landscape.“

La Blouse Roumaine

In the Romanian folk dress, the embroidered shirt is the essential piece, the cult-element recognized as ’La Blouse Roumaine’ in the drawing of French painter Henri Matisse. Over the years, it has been reinterpreted by famous designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dries Van Noten, Tom Ford. However, for Valentina Vidrașcu, it represents the essence of the Romanian folk costume and the core around which all her collections revolve.

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